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Large industrial feedlots and poultry producers usually don't want you to see how they raise their livestock. In fact, they are lobbying some states to make it crime to take photo of CAFO-Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.  We have nothing to hide. 

Newborn calfCattle after a stormFrog hitch-hiking on cow looking for a fly to eatThe CowsThe end of the RainbowTwinsFree-range chickensLooking for lunchLate fall grazing
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Farm market

You can find our products at the Wausau Summer and Winter Farmers Markets.  During the summer we are at the VFW Hangar Lounge parking lot on River Drive, on Saturday mornings, from 8:00-noon from mid-May through the end of October.  During the winter we are at the Marathon County Extension Building on River Drive, in Wausau on Saturday mornings, 8:00-noon, from mid-November until mid-April.  Or you can give us a call or email to arrange home pickup or delivery. 

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