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At NewGrass Farm we are dedicated to providing you with great tasting  grass-fed beef that you can trust.   To do so, we raise and finish our cattle in a natural way, on well-managed pasture and high quality hay

If you are new to our grass-fed meat, we hope it will change the way you eat and think about meat, when you realize that it tastes great, is healthy for you and actually improves the environment.  

The term "simply delicious" means that our grass-fed beef is raised as nature intended, without the following additives:

No hormones

No antibiotics or other drugs

No Genetically Modified Grains

No herbicides or Pesticides 

Raising our livestock on diverse, well-managed pastures keeps them in peak health, so that you can eat healthy too.  In addition, it allows us to produce great tasting meat without compromising the environment. By purchasing from NewGrass Farm, you can nourish your family, and be part of revitalizing the land and local economy, at the same time.

Pleasant scenes, such as the one above are an added benefit to the way we farm.  When you purchase meat you are shaping the future landscape for you and your children.  Would you rather live next to this or a feedlot?   

Choose grass-fed, instead!   From NewGrass Farm.




Farm market

Summer Farm Market: 
During the summer we are at the VFW Hangar Lounge parking lot at 388 River Drive, on Saturday mornings, from 8:00-noon from the beginning of May through the end of October.  

Winter Farm Market: 
Find us at the Wausau Area Boys and Girls Club, 1710 2nd St., Wausau, on Saturday mornings, 8:00-noon, from the beginning of November until the end of April.  

Or you can give us a call or email to arrange home pickup or local delivery. 

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NewGrass Farm, LLC

4009 Henry St.

Wausau, WI 54403